Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wampoline Website Has a New Look for Spring!

As per usual, I am about a month behind schedule, but the good news is that my "new and improved" painting website is done and ready for viewing! Uh, well, I mean, not completely - there are still glitches here and there which need to be fixed, so don't have an apoplectic fit if some links don't work. "I'm on it" as they say - in my own meandering, bumbling way (and luckily my website is not responsible for something like planes taking off on time - whew!)

For those of you who know the site, it's basically Same Paintings, Different Day (different background and fonts), but there are some new categories, including, for the first time ever, abstract (see photo). Overall, I'm striving for a brighter, cleaner, simpler look, which brings together the various realms of my art (portrait, still life, abstract). Hopefully I've achieved this, but even if I haven't, it's gonna take some real motivation (like a cattle prod) to get me to go back in and work on it again.

(Just in case you missed the link up top there, it's www.wampoline.com Enjoy!)


Blogger lisa said...

bravo!! hip hip hooray!
it's looking great, and i loved seeing a bunch of your paintings i've never seen before (alongside some older favorites). when i saw your new paintings with words in them, i thought, "of course! words & pictures!" -- your gifts with both words and pictures are in fact what make your blog so marvelous, too.
~ L

8:23 PM  
Blogger Mama Dya Englert said...

I love the changes too! Love the background especially, I can see your paintings more now.

11:26 AM  

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