Thursday, March 01, 2007

View From My Window

Our living room windows face southeast, but when I lean out a little and look to the left, I can see this building, which is facing almost due west - hence the setting sun reflects in its windows (I know, it's a bit complicated, you might need a compass and a map).

I've lived in many places in Paris, all different, but this is the first time I've lived without a view of living things on the ground (other than humans and dogs). No trees or gardens or even just a corner of grass somewhere (though we are planning to get more plants for the windowsill). For now, the sky is my sole reference to the living planet beyond these gray walls. I find it reassuring to say the least.


Blogger Angela said...

Oh, so magestic! Ah, the sky. A humbling entity. I was running in the Presidio with Roman the other day just after sunset. I found an open area and looked up...stars and the rising moon! What better way to connect with our own true nature than to be humbled by nature's beauty and sheer expansiveness?

5:17 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

this southeast view from up in the sky, with the reflected afternoon sunlight in the windows ... it's not at all complicated for me to imagine, in fact, it reminds me of a certain 5th floor apartment with a southeast view from one side of the living room!
of course, at that apartment, the buildings reflecting that golden afternoon light were *quite* another story, and not remotely as lovely as the buildings you're looking out on!
~ L

8:28 PM  

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