Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Sneak Preview!

Here is one of the completed apple paintings that I have yet to post on my website. I'm hoping that by putting it here I will stir such passionate interest and curiosity among my readers (circulation: 4) that the sheer momentum will propel me to finish the job of updating my website and getting on with my life. I am, after all, an extrovert, and often do need that proverbial kick in the pants to get things done. Thus I ask thee, dear gentle reader, please oh please will you kick me?

(Note: The original title for this blog posting was "Just For Kicks" which I thought was very cute and humourous until I got about 30 spammers' "comments" within 3 minutes - yikes, there's another one! So much for harmless punning!)

(5 minutes later: OK, i just changed the title AGAIN - I had it as "Apple Sneak Preview" and perhaps that looked too much like Apple computers, because I'm getting all this computer software spam...?? The internet is definitely a strange place. I should log off now and read a book. At least in books nothing can pop out at you -- I mean, unless you're reading a children's pop-up book...)


Blogger Angela said...

~~> kick, kick, kick <~~~

Hey, that painting makes me long for Spring.


Now I will kick myself to actually finish a damn painting...maybe your apple can motivate and inspire me!

3:43 PM  
Blogger wampoline said...

Thanks! I needed that! And i'm working on it right now, LOL! (no, seriously!)

4:31 PM  

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