Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pink Coat on a Gray Day

One of my favorite blogs right now (yes, I do read other blogs!) is The Sartorialist, a very popular fashion blog which is mainly photos of people on the street in New York and other fashion hotspots, with the blogger's comments about what they are wearing. It has really inspired me to notice other people's clothes (more than I usually do), and even to do some thinking about my own often rather uninspired wardrobe choices.

This morning as I climbed up Montmartre (my glamourous version of the Stairmaster), I noticed -- how could I not notice? - the fuschia coat that the woman in front of me was wearing. I love the way the coat and the grass are such vivid colors in the photo, as if they've been hand-tinted. I must say I felt pretty boring wearing all black. This coat reminded me that I have many other colors to choose from.


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