Monday, April 23, 2007

Election Night in France

Yesterday was the first round of presidential elections in France (if you don't live in a cave, you'll know who the winners were). It sounds like there was a record turn-out, something like 85 percent (?) of registered voters. Wow. I can't help but think that having the vote on a Sunday makes it easier for people to come out and vote.

At first I couldn't understand why there were riot police stationed everywhere around the Bastille, and in the metro. Then someone reminded me - oh yes - because of the elections. The mood was tense, but calm. People stood in the streets just watching the police, almost like they were on display - which I guess they were. (I snapped a photo quickly, wasn't sure if I was allowed to take photos at all and didn't want to get yelled at. Lucky me, that that's my biggest fear from the police.)


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