Tuesday, March 27, 2007

(Some) Orchids Are Forever

This orchid was painted from the "faux" orchid that I bought three years ago when I needed plants in my studio but didn't have enough natural light to keep them alive (why I was in a studio without much natural light is a question that begs an answer, but let's shelve that topic for now). I'm happy to say that as both a beautiful and useful object, this plant has been an excellent value (38 euros at a local department store), considering that I never need to water it or give it food (though an occasional dusting is appreciated). It's already played a supporting roles in a few portraits, and now is coming into its own as a star player. And what a low-maintenance star! It never ages, never dies, never sags or looks the slightest bit different than the day I first met it. Expect to see more orchid paintings posted very soon on wampoline.com...


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