Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Rainy March in March

This is another one from the "archives." Must be at least a few weeks ago, because we haven't had rain since then. I remember it was taken on a Saturday, from my living room window - me leaning out precariously, hoping the railing would hold...

I was also hoping these people were marching to shut down the supermarket across the street: a low, low, low-end version of a low-end supermarket - the kind of place where every can on the shelf is dented, and the shelf itself is sagging and about to fall. The kind of place where you are the only one in the checkout line who isn't buying a tall can of beer with a handful of small change. The kind of place where fights break out.

But no, it was those darn Socialists again! Good god, they're everywhere.


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