Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Clothing Statements

A couple of weeks ago, when it seemed that winter was really and truly over, I took the summer clothes down from above the wardrobe where they've been living (here in the Land of No Closets, a.k.a. Paris) and threw them all on the bed for a good sift-through. It was like seeing old friends again after a long hiatus. I'd forgotten I'd had some of these! And others I wondered why I'd ever had in the first place. An alarming amount of pink, fuschia, and turquoise - and can that really be two instances of tie-dye in the same pile? How on earth did I allow that to happen? Just when I think I really am living the life of a witty, urban sophisticate - my clothes remind me that in fact I am just another AGING HIPPIE ROCKER in desperate need of a makeover. It's enough to make me want to follow in Georgia O'Keefe's footsteps (and many others) and wear all black. But of course I did that already. It was called the 80s.


Blogger Mama Dya Englert said...

Ah yes! The winter/spring switcheroo. I've been contemplating it for a week, but haven't had the courage to crawl under the bed to pull out the two suitcases. Can I just wear three shirts all summer? One to wear, one to wash, one to dry?

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