Tuesday, October 17, 2006

California Dreamin'

This is where we stayed last month in San Francisco. We were perched atop a hill next to Buena Vista Park, near Haight Ashbury and the Castro, looking south. In the morning the sun came streaming through our window and I watched bluejays and parrots fly in and out of that tall tree you see on the right; a birds' version of SFO. At night I watched the fog roll in over Twin Peaks, making the city a cold and alien place again. The two faces of San Francisco, that I never seemed to reconcile while living there: one, happy, friendly, and sunny; the other, moody, gray, and barren. Like having winter and summer in the same day. Never time to settle into one or the other. I guess that's the beauty of San Francisco: its ephemeral, ethereal quality. Like a beautiful person who can't commit to a relationship but you want to be around them anyway...

Boy, I really did wake up in a dreamy state this morning! Posted by Picasa


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