Friday, October 06, 2006

Jet Lag

Jet lag is a great time to harangue oneself for everything one hasn't accomplished in life. For instance, I feel terrible about not blogging while on my trip to the States (more on that later).

This is how I feel right now -- like a stack of dirty dishes, covered with cake crumbs. I had my cake and ate it too, and now all I've got is this jet lag to show for it. (Does this metaphor make any sense to you? Because I'm too jetlagged to edit right now.)

BTW, cake plates are from my friends Lisa and Toby's wedding in Santa Cruz last month -- a magical, beautiful event. I'll post more pictures later -- now I have to go to the bank and try to get a cashier's check, something which I'm sure will take me all afternoon. Welcome back to France! Posted by Picasa


Blogger lisa said...

hooray hooray hooray! -- the return of wampoline the blogger! after having had the great good fortune & pleasure of your company recently, the lack thereof has been so sad ... and therefore, every few days i've hopefully checked the blog to see if there was something new. and today: wow! it's a freakin' cornucopia of blog-itude! i think i'll celebrate by going over to sf to see gillian welch and billy bragg, and i just wish you were here to see 'em with us!

~ with big transcontinental & transatlantic hugs,

12:28 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Caroline -- I love this picture. It really does look like jetlag. Great to see you in NYC!! Glad to read that you+Paris are back together.

xo Jill

3:26 AM  

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