Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August is the Cruelest Month...

...or at least so it has seemed, what with the crazy "summer" weather we've been having here in Paris. Cloudy with a chance of rain. Make that a 99 percent chance. I've lost or given out all my umbrellas and don't have the energy to buy another one. Still, I realize full well that there are worse places on the planet to be right now. And worse tragedies than not being able to work on one's tan at Paris Plage.

Speaking of which, this is a photo of Paris Plage at night, back in July when we thought we had more than a month of hot weather ahead of us. Not likely! Back then all we could think of was how hot we were and how there weren't enough fans and air conditioning to go around. Ha! The gods look down and laugh at our foolishness... Posted by Picasa


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