Monday, July 10, 2006

And I Guess that's Why They Call Them "The Blues"...

C'est la vie, c'est le foot. The party's over, and Paris has reverted back to its grumpy, every-man-for-himself self. Who needs organized sports anyway, when you have Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower? OK, so I admit that I liked watching the Italians, they are so damn CUTE. And way, way better haircuts than the French, who all look like they are about to join the priesthood or the army. (What's up with the tatoos all over the Italians' forearms though? When I first tuned in I thought France was playing a special game against a team of ex-convicts.) I won't bother to comment on the whole Zidane incident...except that I haven't seen a headbutt like that since I gave up mud-wrestling!

So that ends that chapter of the summer. There will be some desultory flag-waving for the 14th of July (and some bad fireworks, if last year's display is any indication), but nothing really special to bring people into the streets. Football fever has been replaced by a collective dream of "les vacances" -- that massive summer exodus which will reduce Paris to a manageable, normal density of people for a change (meaning, you'll be able to see the sidewalk).

Just one parting shot: maybe France should change its team color. I mean, isn't calling a team "The Blues" just asking for trouble?


Anonymous kimba said...

I watched the last half of the game, which was the only World Cup game aired on 'regular' TV here, and I watched only the last half because I just happened to turn on the TV ... Anyway, I watched all of that last half of the game thinking that the guys who were actually dressed in the blue outfits were the French Team! Go figure. How confusing it was when they said Italy won!

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