Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Location, Location, Location

Just back from the east coast (US) where I found this delightful little barn attached to a house for sale. It all seemed perfect, and ready for me to move in and start a studio/gallery, except for the small fact of it being way out in the middle of nowhere (Montague, western Mass., to be exact). Who would visit me? What would I do? How on earth could I ever live through a New England winter again? These are the questions you don't necessarily ask yourself when you are in the throes of oohing and ahhing over real estate. But they are just as real... Posted by Picasa


Blogger Jill said...

Caroline, I would totally visit you, and probably try to move in. What an adorable piece of property! Though I'm not sure I'm ready to relocate either. I was standing in a crowded subway car the other day, bummed that I didn't have my book -- Don Quixote -- with me, and I turned to look at what the guy standing next to me was reading, and it was Don Quixote! I thought: where else in the world could this possibly happen except NYC? Of course we were also on the exact same page...

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