Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Under the Paris Drizzle

This is what Paris has looked like for most of the month, for several months in fact. It has been rainy and cold and windy, a horrible chilly dampness, kind of like what I imagine Scotland weather to be, or a tropical rainforest minus the heat.

It sucks.

You can see the disappointment on people's faces. They carry a weary, betrayed look, especially the tourists. Betrayed by expectations of what a springtime in Paris should be. Betrayed by Maurice Chevalier and Yves Montand and Hemingway and everyone who makes Paris seem like one big outdoor cafe just waiting to be sat in and enjoyed.

Because it's all about expectations, isn't it? If we just lowered our standards for May weather, we wouldn't be railing at the sky right now, we wouldn't be wanting our money back.

May came in like a lion, and went out like....a wet lion? Posted by Picasa


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