Friday, October 06, 2006

What I Missed Most About Paris

That's right: my bed. Seeing my bed again and sleeping in it (and especially waking up in it) feels like heaven after a month of sleeping in other people's spaces.

Almost more than my bed I missed my night table. If you look closely you'll see my eye pillow (essential for those 3 a.m. jetlag moments when I can only fall asleep by blocking out all light and - no lie - counting sheep), a spray bottle of lavender, and, yes, Jane Fonda's autobiography. I guess you could say all three are sleep aids. (In case you're wondering, I bought the Jane Fonda book for one dollar at the Baltimore Book Festival last's not very good but it's heavy enough that in a pinch I could use it in a workout routine...)

ADDENDUM (october 18th): OK, I take back what I said about the Jane Fonda book; it's actually very compelling reading about an extremely interesting life. It was just the introduction that I wasn't fond pun intended.... Posted by Picasa


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