Friday, August 25, 2006

Meditations on an Unchanged Window Display

This is a window front in Avize that has remained untouched in the four years since I've known the village -- and god only knows how long before that. I have no idea if this used to be a shop or someone's house (perhaps it still is; home improvement isn't exactly a booming business in Avize). Strangely, it doesn't look any more or less dusty than when I first saw it, which means that either someone is working carefully to keep the decay at status quo, or that dust can't penetrate such a sublime work of art.

Now you may think I'm being post-modernly condescending or ironic when i call it a work of art -- but I mean what I say. I truly LOVE this window and I hope it never changes, no matter how many chateaux and vineyards and farms in the surrounding areas are bought up by greedy Americans and Brits (myself included of course...). Posted by Picasa


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