Monday, September 04, 2006

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

This is me leaving the beach Saturday, suitcase in hand (actually it's my hat, but it looks like a suitcase, doesn't it?). What you can't see are the tears rolling down my cheeks as I think of leaving all this natural beauty to go back to life in a world of stone and steel. Is it really worth it? Can streets and buildings -- however beautifully adorned -- ever really measure up to these hills of sand and grass, this endless ocean?

Yes, I know, this is what many people feel at the end of their beach vacation. "Endless Summer" and all that. Well, I suppose I could become a surfer, couldn't I? Live the simple life in a shack on the beach. But I worry about the changes I would have to make in my personality and appearance (not to mention the danger of being eaten by sharks, or driven into a coma by too much reggae music). For instance, would I have to become less witty and acerbic? Would I have to give up most of my critical thinking skills? Would I have to wear an ankle bracelet or a bandana? (actually I wouldn't mind that part...). Learn to play hackeysack? Dye my hair a whiter shade of blonde? It's just all so complicated... Posted by Picasa


Blogger Jill said...

Caroline -- This picture really captures the end of summer. I can't believe the season's over! Every year I complain about the heat, but now I've become really attached to all the sunlight. Darkness is coming!!!

3:42 AM  
Blogger olivier30yeah said...

hi Caroline,
it's funny because you came all the way from california to the French beach of Lacanaux whereas I came all the way from France to California where I felt the same kind of depressed state of mind (or state of heart?) when I had to leave the wild pacific coast down noriega avenue in san francisco and that's almost where you come from. Fortunately, you never leave a place with the pockets of your mind empty. You bring back memories which will emerge when it's time. part of my memories is a concert of kc in starry plough. I'm sorry i had to come back to france and will miss the 23rd september concert. I will recall my friends who have stayed over there to go to enjoy the show and tell me about it. I like Lacanaux and think it's a place which looks pretty like california.

10:52 AM  

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