Friday, October 13, 2006

You Eat WHAT in Paris?

I confess! In the country that more or less invented the art of fine dining, I dare to eat "les produits surgel├ęs." This was dinner last night, from the frozen food store "Picard" which supplies more French restaurants and French households than people would like to admit (that's frozen spinach, by the way, boiling in the pan. Gotta get my greens somehow!).

Let's face it, the whole world loves convenience. And Picard does it well -- snazzy packaging, good ingredients (certainly less crap than your average frozen food), and a store environment that feels more like an Arctic research laboratory than a supermarket.

So I confess, this is how I spend some (not all) of my evenings in Paris: with frozen food and a DVD. Talk about decadence! Henry Miller's got nothin' on me.


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