Sunday, May 06, 2007

"J'aime la France"

Here is Sarkozy making his acceptance speech. His first words were loving ones: "J'aime la France." And notice the slogan on the podium: "Ensemble tout devient possible" (Together, everything becomes possible). Hmm. Certainly not the image of the mean bully we've been led to believe.

So is this a good thing for France? For the world? Only time will tell. But to me, the fact that 85 percent of voters turned out is a positive sign that at least people care about what's happening in their country. Let's hope that Sarko can live up to his declaration of amour and make France happy to have him as their president.

p.s. The term I was looking for in the previous blog post was "concession speech." Fellow blogger Josh from Boston helped me out with that one. Thanks Josh! He's a high school senior who flew in to Paris only yesterday for this event, and leaves tomorrow. Wow. I don't remember doing anything even remotely as exciting as that when I was in high school. Way to go, Josh. His blog, by the way, is


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