Friday, May 04, 2007

Wampoline at Bar Fleur's

My latest vernissage has come and gone, and it seems that it was a success, at least in terms of turnout. It was your typical early evening springtime affair, made nicer by the beautiful weather we've been having: lots of smartly-dressed expats and French people mingling while the champagne and vodka flowed, and me running around trying to say hello to people and keep my ad-hoc girdle from riding up too much (I'd cut a pair of pantyhose off at the thigh, so that I could have the tummy support; enough said).

Of course, it's inevitable at these events that minimal attention is paid to the artwork - it's hard to look at paintings when you're surrounded by 40 people at a bar, almost all of them interesting and compelling in their own right (I am lucky to know so many amazingly different people!). And of course there was all the preparation going into it, which I won't bore you with now (you can always refer back to December's blog about the Holiday Open House), but suffice to say things were actually pretty organized on my end this time, thanks to accepting help from some people (thanks people!) and paying a little more attention to my own time management issues. Which still didn't save me from the usual excitement and adrenaline overload of rushing to finish things the "day of" - like buying shoes at 7 pm, when the event started at 7h30...(ah, but how thrilling to make it to the finish line - in 4-inch turquoise and cream peep-toe pumps, no less!)

Anyway, the show will be up until June 17th (longer than originally expected) so I'm sure I will be spending more time at Bar Fleur's in the next few weeks, meeting people for drinks and taking them on a personal tour of the artwork...(Oh yeah, the artwork! Duh! That was what this was all about, after all...)


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