Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bok Choy on the Town!

Here is the bok choy I painted, hanging until June 17th at Bar Fleur's - looking quite happy, methinks. Wouldn't it be lovely to be a painting? No need to pay rent, or run around going grocery-shopping, or try impossible poses in a yoga class - just hang out on a wall to be admired...

But of course a painting has no free will to speak of, nor does it have the power to complain about its surroundings. I mean, this bok choy might prefer being hung in a country house in Provence, or on the walls of a log cabin in the upper reaches of Alaska, or perhaps in the tiny sitting room of a maiden aunt in Cheshire, England - who knows its deepest desires? Not everyone thinks that Paris is the only place on earth to dwell (though it sure does beat a musty storage space near a freeway exit...).


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