Monday, January 07, 2008

Soup, Glorious Soup

It just never seems to wear out its welcome. Or perhaps I'm really not that demanding when it comes to winter food (it's true that I mostly just want something warm, hence the endless cups of tea and tendency to cuddle up to the stove).

But here it is, the most basic of recipes. A leek, a carrot, a head of broccoli, a fennel bulb, a zucchini, and perhaps an onion or two and some garlic... Cooked for a while in a small amount of water, and then covered with more almost-boiled water later. (I'm not sure exactly what the cooking in a small amount of water does - but it seems to bring out flavor. It's a trick I learned from my macro cooking friend up in Alaska, how to "water saute" onions for a very long time with the pot lid on, until they get sweet and yummy). Salt, pepper, or a bouillon cube, or simply some herbes de provence (put in at the beginning) and perhaps some mustard stirred in at the end, or maybe some lemon (it's good if there's a little "bite" to counteract all that veggie taste). Then all mixed up in a handblender and served piping hot with some good bread, and maybe a dollop of yogurt or cream for those who might balk at eating only vegetables for supper...
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