Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ready to Take a Chance Again

I admit it. I was moved to tears. Even 5000 miles away, and on the little Youtube screen, I could feel something happening, something brewing on a big scale. I haven't felt this excited about politics since I was thirteen years old, when Jimmy Carter won (1976, in case you forgot).

Hilary is screaming "substance", but that's not what people care about right now. People want something else, something intangible that makes them feel good, makes them feel part of a bigger whole. The way music does, or art. Anyway, who says that intangible things can't have tangible results? Look at the stock market. It's all about perception, belief. And the idea that we could have a president that people like, that can lead people, especially people who have felt disenfranchised for so long, a president that could help heal some of America's very tangible wounds....

Well, Barry Manilow said it best. I'm ready to take a chance again. Ready to take a chance again with you.....Obama!
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