Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Peach (?) Blossoms in Normandy

Somebody stop me! I am in high spring fever mode. I am finding even the most mundane things full of beauty and meaning (when I was younger, it would be right about now that I would fall in love with the absolutely wrong person and not know it until many, many therapy sessions later).

But really, is there anything more beautiful than the first blossoms after winter? (even though some bloomed in January this year). But let's get specific (as Nathalie Goldberg says). Behold these blossoms on this tree! So pink! So delicate! Yet hearty in the winds! Is it a peach tree? (Do I need to take a class in horticulture?) Behold the branches! So tangled! What does it all mean? Ahhhhhhh......


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