Friday, December 29, 2006

Off the Couch!

....and to a strenuous yoga class, to make up for all that inactivity (people who know me know that I can only remain idle for so long before I start crawling out of my skin and becoming like one of those crazed monsters in old movies -- you know, the kind who rips the bars off the laboratory cage and runs into the village to wreak havoc among the frightened townspeople until he's hunted down and shot?).

The class was near Place de la Concorde, and this is what I saw when I came out: cars, lights, monuments, and -- yes, folks! -- a giant ferris wheel! I'd forgotten that the ferris wheel next to the Tuileries is put up twice a year, in summer and winter. A fellow yoga student wonderered out loud why they don't just leave the ferris wheel up all year round, instead of constantly putting it up and taking it down. My argument was that it would need repairs in between, or at least some old parts replaced. Who the heck knows? I can't say it's something I'll lose sleep over, especially seeing as how I will probably never go up on the thing, unless I have absolute proof that those repairs were carried out (trust issues). In any case, it was pretty to look at, which is why I'm posting it here, albeit in a rather blurry and dark photo. I was too cold to stay and take any more. Posted by Picasa


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