Monday, December 04, 2006

Two Birds in the Hand

Here is a close-up of "The Birds." Obviously I am not trained in nature or wildlife photography, hence the rather blurred and hard-to-read image (those birds were going fast). I don't know anything about these birds -- I am just assuming they are sparrows, but what kind? -- where they came from, why they're here, if this is a seasonal migration thing (are they on their way to Gibralter?), if this is a common occurrence (they obviously didn't see people as a threat), etc etc. I leave it to my online experts (i.e., you readers) to tell me. Me....I'm for the birds! Posted by Picasa


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Blogger wampoline said...

(I received this comment from someone named Champagne. He couldn't post so I'm posting it for him here. thanks Champagne for shedding some light on "The Birds"!)

"'tis just the good old House Sparrow, passer domesticus, and in the jardin du Luxembourg le moineau domestique, methinks.. A very sociable bird, nests under roof tiles, in holes, cavities or sometimes builds its own domed nest in a bush or tree. Very common, very very common. But not boring at all. The male is actually quite attractive with a nice greyish béret broadly bordered chestnut brown. Suits its pale grey cheeks very well. Musically, a classic. Just like Chubby Checker will always be associated with The Twist, Link Wray with the Rumble, the good old passer domesticus has long since gone down in history as having invented The Chirp single-wingedly.. Only sad thing, it does not feature on that famous Miss Camping single by Boris, but even that might be wrong and should by all means be checked.."

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