Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And I Thought MY Studio Was a Mess...

(....well actually I don't think my studio is ever really a mess, I just needed a subject heading.)

Here is Francis Bacon's studio, just as it was when he died, taken apart in London and completely reconstructed in the Dublin City Gallery. It was a good thing there was glass between me and the exhibit, because I might have had to start arranging things. Like those papers on the floor --talk about a fire hazard! But apparently this was the way he liked to work, in a certain chaos. It was certainly interesting to see, especially because it was really very tiny, not at all a huge space like you imagine most famous painters to work in. From what I read, Bacon worked almost exclusively from photos and images, rarely from life. But then, that makes sense, because where would the model go? And who would agree to pose for any length of time in such a pigsty? Posted by Picasa


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