Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This little lonely pumpkin was my first "nod" to the season; I never did get around to carving a big one. Now Halloween has come and gone and the fall weather seems here for real. October was just an autumn month in disguise: how could it possibly last? Frankly, I kept waiting for all those sunny warm days to give up the ghost. Now the weather feels more serious, more age-appropriate, if you will. I just took a walk by the canal and there was a distinct chill in the air in spite of the sunshine. You know, that "nippy" temperature in which your middle section is quite warm from walking but your ears feel like someone is pressing packets of frozen peas to them?

Or perhaps it's just me -- I have very sensitive ears and would happily wear earmuffs nine months out of the year if I thought I could get away with it. But earmuffs in Paris, fashion capital of the world? So far I've managed to avoid the wrath of the fashion police for my scuffed shoes, exercise pants, and frumpy, middle-aged artist clothes. At the worst I might be subject to a brief scrutiny on the Metro, or, say, a judgemental pursing of the lips by a saleswoman. But I'm afraid earmuffs (on me) might just push someone over the edge, provoking hysterical peals of group laughter....and I'm just not ready for that. Posted by Picasa


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