Friday, December 29, 2006

Another Blurry Traffic Photo (I can't help myself!)

I lied in my last post, there were more photos. There are always more photos. My partner Cedric, though, accuses me of taking too many blurry shots. Aside from the fact that I like blurry photos (they remind me of paintings), my argument is that in a few years we'll have the technology to adjust our eyes like computers and automatically put whatever we are looking at into focus, or manipulate it however we want. I realize that might sound a bit crazy, but I've always been somewhat of a visionary when it comes to technological advances (it is a little-known fact that I invented the fax machine, I just didn't get the patent in time).

Anyway, my point wasn't to flaunt my technological prowess here, but rather to say that one of the truly beautiful things about not owning a car anymore (other than the obvious fact that I don't have to FIND PARKING!!!) is that I can stand and look at traffic instead of being in it. This is a very liberating, zen-like experience, similar to taking Ecstasy and feeling compassion for your parents. Instead of being yet another road rage-aholic, hellbent on cutting off the person in front of me, I can simply watch the flow of traffic and enjoy the lights and colors without worrying about getting killed (at least, that is, until I try to cross the street). Posted by Picasa


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