Monday, September 04, 2006

Cloud Mirror

Clouds can be pretty tacky too. "Cloud Mirror" sounds like it could be an album title for one of those aforementioned 70's bands. Maybe it was. I do tend to have a certain insight into tackiness these days. Blame it on the sun, the sun that didn't shine (that's what Stevie Wonder did, and look at how successful HE was at merging tackiness with real, great music).
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The Inherent Tackiness of Sunsets (and certain rock bands)

Aren't all sunsets just a little tacky? But we like them anyway, and are moved by them regardless of how cynical we've become. I equate sunsets to bands like the Eagles, or the BeeGees, or the band America. Easy to make fun of out of context, hard to dislike in context (OK, i know some of you won't agree about those particular bands, but i KNOW there is at least one form of sappy music that you do like, just admit it). Posted by Picasa

Lacanau - Atlantic Coast

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Wouldn't It Be Nice?

This is me leaving the beach Saturday, suitcase in hand (actually it's my hat, but it looks like a suitcase, doesn't it?). What you can't see are the tears rolling down my cheeks as I think of leaving all this natural beauty to go back to life in a world of stone and steel. Is it really worth it? Can streets and buildings -- however beautifully adorned -- ever really measure up to these hills of sand and grass, this endless ocean?

Yes, I know, this is what many people feel at the end of their beach vacation. "Endless Summer" and all that. Well, I suppose I could become a surfer, couldn't I? Live the simple life in a shack on the beach. But I worry about the changes I would have to make in my personality and appearance (not to mention the danger of being eaten by sharks, or driven into a coma by too much reggae music). For instance, would I have to become less witty and acerbic? Would I have to give up most of my critical thinking skills? Would I have to wear an ankle bracelet or a bandana? (actually I wouldn't mind that part...). Learn to play hackeysack? Dye my hair a whiter shade of blonde? It's just all so complicated... Posted by Picasa