Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Day in Paris

Today is May 1st, a national holiday, and Paris is a car-free city (almost). I feel a bit like Will Smith in I Am Legend, walking the streets in search of other humans (I'm exaggerating, of course; there are always other humans in Paris, even on a national holiday, it's one of the things that makes the city an interesting, exciting place to live).

But it made me wonder: would I have stayed here if there had been less cars, or less people? Would I have stayed if I had had the house and garden - the space - that I dream of having? But then it wouldn't be Paris, it would be somewhere else. Maybe someday they will get rid of the cars and Paris will be transformed into a green city. There are already many encouraging signs pointing that way. But it will always be a dense, packed place. And I am seeking wider spaces, more open I must bid this beautiful lady au revoir, for now. See you in my dreams...


Blogger Ruben Brache said...


I found your blog 19 days too late to catch you in Paris. Well thank goodness I read it. Bon Voyage & Happy New Beginning.


5:05 AM  

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