Monday, March 31, 2008

Things That Seemed So "Urgente" at the Time

One of the best things about moving, or change in general (in my ever-so-humble opinion), is that it gives one perspective on what's really "urgent" in life. As you weed through your stuff (and weed, and weed, and weed), you realize that so much of what seemed important once upon a time really wasn't. Or isn't anymore. Like this postcard, stamped in Spain back when there were still pesetas (1997?) - who was I planning to send it to? What was so "urgente" about it? How many things right now seem urgent to me but really aren't? And what energy am I wasting worrying about them?

These are the questions one asks as one is confronted with the detritus (love that word!) of several years' worth of life in one place. A day of reckoning, indeed.


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