Monday, March 31, 2008

Enormous Changes (not quite at the last minute)

Gee whiz, golly willikers, it's the end of March already!!! And there is so much to tell - I feel a major surge of blogging about to happen, a backlog of blogs, or "backblog" if you will - so bear with me.

In a nutshell, we have sold and moved out of our apartment, shipped, sold, given or thrown away most of our belongings (although there are still boxes and bags yet to be dealt with - oh, the unbearable heaviness of moving!), and have basically been in the process of dismantling the "life we knew" in Paris. Never ones to lose a chance to procrastinate, we have taken our time about it, kind of like slowly working a tooth loose, instead of just tying it 'round a string and slamming the door shut (sorry, but that's the only metaphor I can come up with right now!).

Part of this "slow exit strategy" has meant staying in Paris (or nearby), and schlepping ourselves and our slowly-dwindling (but not slowly enough) pile of possessions to and fro, trying not to wear out our welcome as friends and neighbors generously take us in for a night or two (or three or four, or even ten...).

Our biggest "task" of late has been making travel plans, figuring this is the moment to go forth and see the world, before we settle into domestic bliss and bloat once more. Meanwhile we have talked and talked and talked about what will be the next place to live, without knowing exactly where (nor how) that will be.

In sum, we are officially in limbo. Which is not such a bad place to be, as long as there is good company and a hot cup of tea available from time to time.

Stay tuned.


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