Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back to the Blogging Board!

My, my, but what a long hiatus this has been, even for an on-again off-again, ne'er-do-well blogger such as myself. Somehow the combination of computer woes, out-of-town guests, and GETTING MARRIED (more on that later) have conspired to keep me from my habitual musings on Life As I Know It (or rather, Life As I Think I Know It). So please accept my profuse apologies for this upsetting disruption in service and know that I'll make it up to you in the future (hmmm...perhaps I could also blame the Writers' Strike? now there's an idea...). The good thing about winter hibernation (a mode which I am now quite comfortably slipping into) is that it keeps me at home and without much to do, except, perhaps, read, sleep, eat, and blog (probably in that order, too).

Anyway, I'm sure my readers have been chomping at the bit to hear all about the last few weeks' glamourous events (who wouldn't be?), and I promise that the scintillating details are forthcoming. But first, here's a glimpse of what I was doing while not blogging during those crazy weeks: making lists! That's right, leading up to the Big Event on December 7th, my desk saw a veritable flurry of list-making: lists within lists, lists re-copied and edited and scratched out and given to other people (my helpful minions, who arrived none too soon!), lists written only to be discarded or stuffed into a bag and written again, etc, etc. (I even thought of keeping some of them for old times' sake, but honestly, who wants to look at old to-do lists? Especially when, as we got closer to the Big Day, the lists became increasingly filled with almost panicked admonitions to do the simplest things, such as "Get up. Take shower. Get dressed"....and so on.)

Now the lists are gone, as well as the guests, the pressure, and the excitement (not to mention the champagne), and life is getting back to "normal" - meaning, no longer at such a fever pitch (I like the fever pitch, don't get me wrong, but I think I operate more productively at a slow crawl). It is wonderful to be on the other side of those overbearing to-do lists, and have time to reflect on everything that's happened, instead of just swirling around within the events. So now I have lots of time to me to reflect and think and look at photos and...blog! Yay!


Blogger Angela said...

Ahhh...how I miss your lists! LOL I've never been good with to do lists. They always reminded me of my mother or some authority figure(do this, do that) and I really don't like being told what to do...even from a piece of paper!

Waiting for your wedding event blog as I recover from over three months of teaching (?) 7 year olds.

6:57 PM  
Blogger wampoline said...

That's so funny, I didn't realize your rebellious streak went that far, LOL!

For me making lists is the only way to remember things...otherwise i simply forget...Also it's a wonderful way to put things off for another day; i figure if it's on a list, it'll get taken care of eventually (ha).

4:47 PM  

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