Thursday, September 27, 2007

Waiting For Travaux (the sequel)

Here we go again! Whee! Our combination living room/kitchen/studio is under wrap again a la Christo (minus the publicity orgy, of course) and our lives are turned upside down. Of course it's for a good cause: the insurance is paying to have the whole space repainted after a roof leak last year, and the result will no doubt be stunning. But it means living in chaos for two weeks, and inhaling a whole lot of DUST - neither of which is high on the list of "My Favorite Things." Still, I guess the silver (dusty?) lining is that not having a proper living space is forcing me to get out of the house and enjoy Paris more than I usually do: see friends for lunch, take long walks, go sketching, window shopping, etc. It's also been sort of fun to be camped out in the bedroom, eating picnic dinners on the bed, making phone calls, and watching television - like being a teenager again. (You think I'm kidding? Last night I stayed in and watched six episodes of Friends on cable while munching homemade popcorn out of a giant bowl. Before you know it, I'll be a regular visitor to MySpace and Facebook...)


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