Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chez le Dentiste

The other day I went to my dentist, a gentle soul who insists there is nothing wrong with my teeth, in spite of my whining about a intermittent dull ache in my back molar (which I've had now for over three years -but because it comes and goes, I tend to forget about it unless it's happening. Kind of like bad weather, or unpleasant odors in the Metro).

There were no magazines in the waiting room, so I took photos in the big mirror instead. Check out that pink furniture, and that chandelier! I don't think this room has been touched since sometime in the early 70s. (Where's John Waters when you need him?) Another funky self-portrait to add to my collection of "things I might want to paint someday." Ha! The neverending list...


Blogger Dya Englert said...

Thank goodness there were no magazines in your dentist's waiting room! I think this one of my favorite pictures so far. The chandelier is gripping!

12:26 AM  

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