Thursday, June 07, 2007

La Route de Champagne

The great thing about not having a car (and not wanting to spend money to rent one) is that you have to use your feet. Lucky for me the weather has been permitting and these roads do have some soft shoulders to scamper onto when a car is coming - or should I say, barreling towards you (usually clocking about 150+ km/hr, in these parts). My "regular" walk is now from Avize to Le Mesnil sur Oger, and back, which takes about an hour and includes all sorts of wonderful vistas on the way. I have yet to see another walker (except the hapless houseguests I drag on these walks with me), but then again, most local people are toiling in the fields or in the champagne houses. They're too busy to take walks, and anyway, the countryside is nothing new to them. And most of the tourists I've seen this week are being shuttled around in giant buses and probably couldn't break from the group if they wanted to.


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