Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Recording Couch

This is where I spent a combined total of many happy hours listening to playbacks, or simply waiting patiently while some sound engineering magic was taking place (for example, pasting in pieces of my bass lines which I'd needed to re-do; recording is a humbling ego experience, rather like looking into a gas station mirror). I liked thinking that I was sitting where other musicians had sat before me. Supposedly Tom Petty recorded here once - maybe he sat in my exact place! I've always thought we could be related...

To pass the time, I thumbed through old, obscure hardcover books, with titles like "The Case of Butterfly" or "Stories I Shouldn't Tell" (both astonishingly gripping, in their own particular way, as things can only be gripping while in a recording studio on the Mendocino headlands, with the fog rolling in, sitting on a couch that maybe Tom Petty sat on...).


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